Word from Police Chief Mayes

The Gallaway Police Department is a highly trained law enforment agency, sworn and dedicated to serving and defending the residents of Gallaway, Tennesse. presently, we have four offices, of whom bring 50 years of experience from law enforement agencies around West Tennessee. Our Primary goal is to ensure the protection and safety of our residents but to do so, we ask for your assistance. My door is always open and my officers would also like to meet you and establish a working resationship with you as well. 

By working together, we will not only solve crimes committed against our citizens, but also we can be proactive in preventing our citizens from becoming victims of crime. 

Traffic enforcement is another way our department enforces the laws of our city and protects our citizens. While speeding is a problem in Gallaway and everywhere, many traffic stops have also led to more serious and unforeseen charges. Taking these more violent offenders off our streets not only can save our citizens from criminal activity, it can also save lives. Thank you for understanding the dangers of our jobs and that our sole desire is to give you and your family a safe environment in which to live and work.

We are committed to providing you the best service and protection possible. If we can better serve you or if you can help us with information regarding crime, please call or email me at (901) 867-4812 or jamesmayes@gallawaytn.gov.

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